We are a leading Australian spatial design firm specializing in the arts of interior design and building design, delivering residential, commercial, and property development projects. Our designs celebrate the interplay of multi-faceted and innovative design approaches as they come together to create experiences that are expertly suited to each client. As collaborative storytellers, we bring our client's dreams to life through the spaces we create.

Our Qualities

  • Authentic
  • Good Listeners
  • Genuine
  • Timely
  • Meticulous
  • Creative
  • Solution-focused

Clovia Cai

Co-Founder | Director of Design & Customer Success
Overseeing all design work, Clovia approaches problem-solving from an empathetic perspective, focusing on how solutions can positively impact people's emotions. She believes that the spaces we inhabit shape our identities and it is her goal to create emotional connections between people and their surroundings by using color, materials, and form in unexpected ways.

Having succesfully delivered a range of high-end project, Clovia has acquired a reputation with clients, builders, and engineers for her passion, personality, vision, creative design skills, exceptional attention to detail, and leadership ability. She embraces every challenge with vigour believing that there is an innovative design solution to every problem, no matter the degree of difficulty.

Clovia holds a Master Degree in Architecture as well as a Bachelor of Design in Architecture, both from University of Technology Sydney (UTS). She also holds a Diploma in Visual Communication.

Florian Hofmann

Co-Founder | Director of Projects & Operations
With a strong management background gained working across Europe and Australia, Florian is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the company and its projects, as well as its future growth. He sets the bar high for himself and expects the same from his staff and his colleagues. He is passionate about achieving great project outcomes for the company's clients.

Over the years, Florian developed a particular interest in access to the built environment and became a qualified Access Consultant. With the expanding myriad of access requirements and the importance of understanding Universal Design considerations, Florian focuses on future-proofing buildings and commercial spaces to ensure that a space designed by OIC Design can be easily used by everyone.

Florian holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a Diploma of Construction Management as well as a Diploma of Access Consulting.

Power of emotion

We deliver design experiences that take you to another story and a different frame of mind.

Humans are emotional creatures, so we strive to create emotional connections between people and their environment in all of our client projects. The spaces we live and work in are the places we spend most of our lives in. We believe that design has the ability to give a place energy that has a lasting positive effect on the people spending time in the spaces we create. That is why our commercial designs are a combination of functionality and purpose with a story that inspires your customers, staff and you.

That is why our residential designs are a reflection of you, your desires and wishes, so that you feel comfortable in them and want to invite family and friends to.