The spaces we make shape the people we become.

Interior &
Building Design

We are OIC Design, a leading Australian spatial design firm specialising in the arts of interior design and building design, delivering residential, commercial and property development projects. Our designs celebrate the interplay of multi-facetted and innovative design approaches as they come together to create experiences that are expertly suited to each client. As collaborative storytellers, we bring our client's dreams to life through the spaces we create.


We are designers by trade, but we want to be your trusted advisors on your journey towards your residential or commercial space that isn’t just beautiful and functional but evokes the right emotions in anyone spending time in it.
Why us

Exceptional Customer Service

As designers, we not only create visually appealing and functional spaces for our clients, but we also serve as trusted advisors throughout their journey to create a residential or commercial space that not only looks great, but also evokes the desired emotions in those who use it.

Integrated Customer Journey

Our clients are an integral part of the creative process. We bring our expertise and experience to the table and work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life.

Access to Network of Proven Professionals

Leveraging our established connections with top-notch specialists, we accelerate project timelines, delivering exceptional quality on a swift trajectory to market, ultimately unlocking cost savings for our clients without compromising excellence.

White Glove Service

We see each project through from concept to completion and beyond because design and innovation are only successful if the outcomes are solid.
The reason why we chose OIC Design to design our family residence in Sydney is because they showed us how dedicated they are, not just to the design aspects of their projects, but also the customer experience from beginning to end.
Cheryl and Tony
Home Owners
We needed a committed team with the versatile expertise to create a beautiful design concept and carry out our vision for a cutting edge restaurant interior design. OIC Design did a stellar job at designing, working with my builder and the engineers to make the interior become a reality.
Manager, Sushi Train Rosebay
I have worked with OIC Design on a variety of project - both interior and building design. I enjoy working with them because they are very skilled at finding smart solutions for everyday problems and the quality of their drawings knocks it out of the park. Every time.