The Symphony is a luxurious private residence in Sydney we designed to be the ultimate dream home for our client. With six elegant bedrooms, this stunning residence boasts exquisite curved architectural elements, creating a symphony of beauty throughout the space. The private swimming pool and state-of-the-art indoor gym elevate the home's luxurious ambiance, while the specially designed "man cave" provides the ultimate space for relaxation and entertainment.

The Symphony

Exquisite design meets sophistication

The client approached us with a request to design their new home, but they weren't sure what they wanted it to look and feel like. They wanted their current house to be knocked down and a new building to be built in its place and for it to become their ultimate dream home.

At our first meeting, we could sense that the client was overwhelmed with the Australian building design processs and unsure of where to start. We took the client through our discovery process that helped uncover what they really wanted and what truly resonated with them. It was a journey that allowed us to create a design that truly reflected the client's vision. We understand very well that creating a home is not just about a building or design, but it is about creating an emotional connection between the environment and the users of the space.

The reason why we chose OIC Design to design our family residence in Sydney is because they showed us how dedicated they are, not just to the design aspects of their projects, but also the customer experience from beginning to end.
Cheryl and Tony
Home owners