The client's vision was to create a cool, multicultural space that caters to people of all religions and backgrounds. To achieve this, we designed the gym with unique features that appeal to everyone. With a spacious floor area of 3000 square meters, this gym features state-of-the-art equipment, a yoga and wellness oasis. The locker rooms are complete with showers and amenities to ensure a comfortable post-workout experience. And when you're ready for some on-the-go nutrition, the built-in cafe will serve up healthy and delicious options.
Campbelltown, NSW

Wellness Department Gym

Welcome to the future of fitness

The gym's vision came to life as a cutting-edge fitness haven, inviting members from all walks of life to embrace their wellness journey.

A state-of-the-art workout zone boasts top-of-the-line equipment, encouraging peak performance for all fitness levels. The nutrition cafe serves up freshly-made, wholesome meals, fueling your body with the nutrients it craves after an intense workout. The Yoga studio is a tranquil retreat, promoting mindfulness and balance, while the Wellness Spa offers rejuvenating treatments to soothe tired muscles and alleviate stress. Luxurious locker rooms and showers, complete with premium amenities, provide the ideal post-workout sanctuary, ensuring every visit leaves you feeling revitalized and recharged.

We also designed a female-only training area for our client. This space was designed to provide a private and comfortable environment for female members to exercise without the presence of men. We understand the importance of respecting and accommodating our client's wishes and cultural practices, and we are pleased to have been able to incorporate this unique feature into the gym's design.

The team at OIC Design really took their time to understand our unique requirements, resulting in a functional and visually striking space that truly caters to a diverse clientele. The gym's design has significantly boosted our brand image and created an inviting atmosphere for our members.
Wellness Department Gym